Swedish Radiation Research Association for Young Scientists


For the establishment phase of the SWE-RAYS network, a steering committee was appointed at the first national workshop in August 2012. In december the same year this steering committee officcially formed the association, accepted the bylaws, and was elected as the first board of the association. Now, the board is elected at each annual meeting, held in August. Any member can nominate themselves or a colleague.

Marie Sydoff (Chairman)

Department of Radiation Physics, Skåne University hospital, Malmö, Lund University.

Researcher in Medical Radiation Physics. Defended the PhD thesis ”Quantification Methods for Clinical Studies in Nuclear Medicine, with applications in AMS, PET/CT and SPECT/CT” at Lund University in October 2013. Is working with projects including: internal dosimetry, quantification in SPECT/CT and PET/CT, development of new diagnostic methods for nuclear medicine applications and radionuclide therapy.

Christina Söderman (Secretary)

Deptartment of Clinical Sciences, Radiation physics, University of Gothenburg.

Rimon Thomas (Webmaster)

Department of radiation physics, Gothenburg University.

PhD student in environmental radioactivity, Behavior of radionuclides in pit lakes in Sweden.

Also working in the radiation preparedness laboratory in Gothenburg University.

Karolina Stark

Department of Ecology, Environment, and Plant sciences, Stockholm University

Assistant professor (FoAss) in Radioecology and Environmental Risk Assessment. I study spatial and temporal variation in radiation exposure of amphibians, investigate radiation effects in aquatic organisms, and compare biota dose model tools.

Diana Spiegelberg (Treasurer)

Dept. of Radiology, Oncology and Radiation science, Uppsala University, PhD student in Biomedical Radiation Sciences. Characterization of targeting molecules for use in molecular imaging with focus on the target CD44v6 that is overexpressed in head and neck cancer. Assessment of radiolabelled tracers both in vitro using cultured tumour cells, and in vivo using tumour bearing xenografts. Evaluation of combining radio-immunotargeting with a novel HSP90 inhibitor as a radiosensitizer.

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