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Here you will find information about the network, upcoming workshops and other activities where SWE-RAYS is involved, as well as other activities of interest to our members.

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Latest news

SWE-RAYS 2020 annual meeting will be held on-line 21-st of August

The annual meeting is still planned to be held before lunch on the 21-st of August. The meeting will be held via Zoom (or similar platform) and if you have any discussion matters that you want to raise at the meeting, please send them to chairman@swerays.se. You will receive more information together with the summoning.


The national meeting is going to be held 17-20 November, 2020 in Hotel Tylösand.

Follow the link www.sjukhusfysiker.se/2020 for more information.


Instead we will have our annual meeting via Zoom (or similar platform) the 21th of August. We are also planning to have a session with invited speakers after the annual meeting. If you have any request of topics or lecturer for this session, please share them with us. We hope that the online session will be a small consolation for not meeting you all in person this summer. More information will come later together with the summoning to the annual meeting.

Optimisation in X-ray and Molecular Imaging (OXMI) 2020 Online meeting 22-24 June 2020 will be held on-line

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it will not be possible to arrange OXMI 2020 as originally planned. OXMI 2020 will instead be held as an online meeting and take place 22-24 June 2020. Additionally, all presentations will be made available for registered participants regardless of possibility to attend during the actual days of the meeting. To reflect the changed conditions the conference fee will be reduced to 50% of the ordinary price (3750 SEK incl. VAT for all attendees, including students). Further information available in the SWERAYS newsletter.

SSM's have announced call for research funding in radiation protection for future research leaders, with deadlines in May. https://www.stralsakerhetsmyndigheten.se/omraden/forskning/forskningsfinansiering/aktuella-forskningsutlysningar/


CONCERT sponsors short courses on research into radiation risks and radiation protection.

Here's a list of courses for 2019-2020. There will generally be no course fee and there will also be some limited support for accommodation costs at most of the participating institutions.


Do you  know about an event that would be of interest to our members? Please contact the webmaster to have it included here.


SWE-RAYS workshop 2020, 19-21 August, Gothenburg, Sweden

45th Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society, ERRS, 13- 17 September 2020, Lund, Sweden

European Congress of Medical Physics, ECMP, 24- 26 September 2020, Torino, Italy

The European Radiation Protection Week, ERPW, 28 September - 2 October 2020,  Estoril, Portugal

Links to job opprtunities

University of Gothenburg

Stockholm University


Karolinska Institute

Uppsala University

Lunds University

Umeå University




Svensk förening för radioekologi

Svensk förening för radiobiologi

Svensk förening för radiofysik



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