Workshop 2015


Swedish Radiation Research Association for Young Scientists

2015 Workshop in Gothenburg

We the SWE-RAYS organization committee 2015, want to thank all SWE-RAYS members and invited speakers for your participation in and contributions to the fourth annual SWE-RAYS workshop held in Göteborg. We hope that you found the meeting as rewarding as we did!

The program of this year’s workshop included oral presentations from 14 of the in total 46 participating members. There was also a poster walk during which 9 members presented their poster. Many topics within the field of radiation-related research were covered, including external radiation therapy, x-ray imaging, nuclear medicine imaging, environmental radiology, nuclear chemistry and radiobiology.   


The workshop also included talks from five invited speakers. Klas Blomgren, Professor of Pediatrics at the Karolinska Institute, presented his work on side effects in children treated for brain cancer with external radiation therapy. Maria Sundin from the Department of Physics at Gothenburg University enlightened us about the conditions on Mars and about levels of radiation in space. Christophe Demazière from Chalmers University of Technology talked about nuclear power from a historical, present day- and future perspective. Anna Ekman from Gothenburg University gave us a guide around common pitfalls in statistics. Stig Palm from Gothenburg University told of his time as a medical physicist at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).


To give the participants a chance to practice presenting their research in different situations, a joint exercise was held by Britta Langen from the organization committee. The participants were given the task of explaining their work to another participant, unfamiliar to the research topic in question. The time given fort this was reduced stepwise from about 3 minutes down to 10 seconds. This meant that the task, which initially was that the participants would explain their research in a short dialogue, ended up being explaining it with only a few important keywords. We thank you for your enthusiastic and active participation in this instructive exercise. 

In addition to the scientific program, social activities were organized in the evenings, including a vegetarian dinner and quiz at Kontiki as well as a three course dinner at the Chalmersvilla.

Award winners!


Shooting star

Emely Linblom from Stockholm University was awarded the SWE-RAYS Shooting Star-award for best oral presentation during the workshop. Her presentation was titled Radiobiological modelling of tumour response based on the 5 Rs of radiobiology in search for optimal radiotherapy treatment parameters for non‐small‐cell lung cancer.

Best poster

Lucílio dos Santos Matias from Stockholm University was awarded Best Poster. The title of his presentation was Radiobiological evaluation of HIPO inversely planned pulsed-dose-rate brachytherapy for cervical cancer.

Pictures from the workshop

For more pictures from the workshop google the hashtag #‎swerays2015‬.

The SWE-RAYS organization committee 2015

Emma Aneheim

Anna Gustafsson-Lutz

Emma Hedin

Britta Langen

Mikael Montelius

Nils Rudquist

Viktor Sandblom

Emil Schüler

Johan Spetz

Ingun Ståhl

Christina Söderman

Alexa von Wrangel

Notes from the board

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