Workshop 2013


Swedish Radiation Research Association for Young Scientists

2013 workshop in Uppsala

We the SWE-RAYS organization committee 2013, want to thank you for your participation in the second annual SWE-RAYS workshop held in Uppsala. The workshop was a big success because of great colleagues like you!

SWE-RAYS-Shooting Star- award

The SWE-RAYS board honored Pernilla Peterson for the best presentation during the workshop with the title Evaluation of technique to measure the amount of fat in skeletal muscles with magnetic resonance imaging. Pernilla Peterson is awarded with the SWE-RAYS shooting Star – award and a trip to Svenska Sjukhusfysikerförbundet & Svensk Förening för Radiofysik meeting in Varberg.

Pernilla's own words after the Varberg meeting (in Swedish):

"Nationellt möte om sjukhusfysik på Varbergs kurort 13-14 november lockade drygt hundratalet sjukhusfysiker från landets alla hörn och erbjöd efter en inledande kursdag om MR och strålbehandling många intressanta föreläsningar och möten inom ett brett fält. Under mötets första dag äntrade jag, med inte så lite prestationsångest, scenen som SWERAYS ”shooting star” och bästa presentatör. Känslan lindrades dock av en fin present i form av spa-produkter, en till synes intresserad publik och efterföljande beröm. Varbergs kurort skämde dessutom bort oss med mycket och god mat och en riktigt trevlig atmosfär. Tack igen, SWERAYS, för utmärkelsen och ett trevligt pris!"

Best poster presentation-award

The organization committee awarded Britta Langen for Best poster presentation. During the poster walk Britta guided the audience through her poster about: Early transcriptional regulation following low-activity 211At exposure in mouse and related systemic physiological aspects, with great enthusiasm.

Summary of the Workshop 2013

August 21

The first day of the workshop focused on introducing the participating groups, their members and their research area. The day ended with a much appreciated poster walk, consisting of great poster presentations and discussions.

August 22

The second day started with the oral presentation session “Medical applications using radiation” with interesting talks about radio-immunotargeting and imaging using e.g. PET and MRI. Håkan Nyström, chief physicist at the newly build Scandion Clinic in Uppsala presented design and future treatment plans for proton therapy. Research related small discussion groups offered a good basis for new collaborations and problem solving.

In the panel discussion Erik Blomquist, Ulrike Garske and Hans Lundqvist, discussed past present and future for radiotherapy.

The evening dinner was a great success with lots of singing and great theater performance from all participants.

August 23

Friday, third and last day, focused on dosimetry problems in the clinic and practical retrospective dose assessment followed by an inspiring speech by professor emeritus Hans Lundqvist. The second session about radiation biology was rounded off with an interesting talk by professor Ane Håkansson about the third generation nuclear power. After lunch we changed direction towards a study by Pernilla Peterson on the PhD candidate’s attitude towards their education and continued careers in academia. Marika Nestor provided useful instructions and guided us through the jungle of writing grant applications. Andrea Hinas ended the workshop with her experience and strategies for a successful post doc abroad.

Notes from the board

The board thanks Therese Geber-Bergstrand for her hard work as our chairman during the past year. Our former secretary Emil Schüler will take over her position. We also welcome Marie Sydoff as new board member.

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